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March 1, 2010 / HandsOnCorps

Welcome, HandsOn Network Corps Members!

HandsOn Corps

HandsOn Corps

As a HandsOn VISTA or National Direct Member, you are helping make real change in local communities.

Your work reflects a national effort inspired in helping others and improving quality of life.

This blog has been created with you in mind. Here you will find great stories, shout outs, and happenings around the country as you and your fellow HandsOn Corps members serve this program year.

Make sure to check this blog regularly in order to stay informed on what’s happening in the National offices and sites locally. Also, you will find resources, best practices, project ideas,and guidance through your year of service with HandsOn Network.

Remember to follow us on Twitter and Facebook, too!

Twitter: HandsOnCorps

Facebook Page: HandsOn Corps

For guidance and assistance during your year of service, please contact National Service Member Program Manager, KayCey Venning. KayCey’s job is to help make your year of service successful on all levels.


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