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April 28, 2010 / HandsOnCorps

Support AmeriCorps Alums! Pepsi Refresh Everything Campaign

The following message comes from Whitney at AmeriCorps Alums. Please show your support!

So, if you don’t remember, then I’ll remind you, AmeriCorps Alums is awesome! I’ve been working hard to help the organization grow and alumni to connect and serve… and I love my job!

But I need your help. AmeriCorps Alums has entered in the Pepsi Refresh Everything Campaign (perhaps you’ve seen the commercials?). If we win our category we will be able to support our local chapters and utilize the leadership of AmeriCorps alumni to build healthy communities all over the country!  Alums can do more with less and we need your votes to win. AND THE VOTES OF YOUR FRIENDS AND THEIR FRIENDS AND YOUR WORK BUDDIES, ETC (EVERYONE)!

We have to finish in the top 10 and you can vote once a day. So what am I asking of you?
Be a Team Captain!

The main action I am asking you to take today is to become a Pepsi Refresh Team captain and encourage your friends to support us and vote! Check it out here:

As a team captain, we’ll keep you updated on the campaign progress and remind you to vote! We’ll also ask you to recruit as many daily voters as you can.  Starting May 1, we’ll ask you and your team to vote each day here:

Finally, you can cast up to 10 votes each day for different organizations. Because you can only vote for AmeriCorps Alums once per day and there are lots of winners, we formed a coalition of service groups. These organizations are asking their friends to support AmeriCorps Alums, so please support them too.

Vote for them here: AmeriCorps Alums, City Year (others will be announced by May 1).

Please join us and pledge to be a team captain… it’s only for a month, May 1- May 31!

I totally appreciate you and your commitment to service… help us do more… be a Team Captain! Please?



This campaign will help AmeriCorps Alums win $50,000! Sign up to be a captain and receive voting reminders beginning May 1!


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