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May 5, 2010 / HandsOnCorps

Happy Public Service Recognition Week!

As I rode the subway to work this morning, my newspaper reminded me that it is Public Service Recognition Week. This is a time where we can recognize the men and women that work to make our country and better place. Through government and other public service entities, these people work for America by educating, protecting, and cleaning our country. Take time this week to recognize a teacher, police officer, fire fighter, or any other public servant who works for our government at the local, state, and federal level.

Video of 2009 Events
Public Service Recognition Week 2009

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Honoring our Public Servants

Celebrated since 1985, Public Service Recognition Week (PSRW) is a nationwide public education campaign honoring the men and women who serve our nation as federal, state, county and local government employees and ensure that our government is the best in the world. Each year, the President and Congress designate the first full week of May as PSRW and activities are held nationwide and around the world in celebration of public employees who put service above self.

From the steps of the Capitol to the smallest towns, public servants use the week to educate citizens about the work that they do and why they have chosen public service careers. Throughout the week, communities take this occasion to host events from open houses to parades recognizing and thanking their local unsung heroes.

Enjoy your week,


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