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April 2, 2012 / HandsOnCorps

Americorps Week at HandsOn Greater DC Cares

Greater DC Cares celebrated an exciting and fulfilling Americorps week that engaged our community and reinforced our members’ commitment to service.  We are fortunate enough to have ten Americorps members at Greater DC Cares, which allows for diverse input as we discuss and reflect on our year of service.  Each of us is having a unique experience and Americorps week provided us with a chance to share those experiences and gain insight from one another as we move forward into the second half of our service.

Our activities included tabling at the University of DC to inform college students about Americorps.  We reached about fifty people on the campus, many of whom knew very little about Americorps.  Many students actively engaged our members in conversation. They took materials and asked insightful questions.  The interest displayed by the students was inspiring.

We weren’t able to do a Twitter storm, but did reach our followers via Twitter and other social media.  Currently, Greater DC Cares is preparing for our largest day of service, Seravathon.  As a result, our outreach to our Twitter followers is extensive and we didn’t want to frustrate them with too many Tweets that could lead to a negative perception of Americorps.  Instead, we spaced Tweets about Americorps throughout the day.  Each member crafted a Tweet about the work that they’re doing, and we received positive feedback from many of our followers.

One of our members, Bradley Troast, was kind enough to offer his skills with film to our group.  He gathered footage that captured highlights of our hard work.  We hope that the video will serve as a visual display of what it means to be Americorps at Greater DC Cares.

The display of appreciation from our coworkers was touching.  Our weekly staff meeting included doughnuts and a round of applause in our honor.  Each of us also received personal thank you notes from our supervisors.  Like at any nonprofit, our staff works hard and we strive to do our best each day.  In the midst of this, we occasionally forget to pause and voice our appreciation of one another’s work.  Americorps week offered not only a chance for us to receive recognition, but a chance for us to pause and thank our supervisors and coworkers for their support during our year of service.



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